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CRADLE is the realization of an idea – aiming towards reducing the gap between the one who needs the work to be done and the one who is doing the work. We are among the best in the industry providing excellent SEO contents, articles, blogs, press releases, product reviews, SEO, logo design, and Social Media Marketing support at reasonable rates. We also develop marketing strategies with an aim to help our clients achieve their goal.

Why Choose Cradle?

Anyone who has any experience dealing with the service industry will understand that often there remains a major gap between what one wants and what one gets. This gap is ever increasing with the growing popularity of freelancing among talented individuals to earn something extra in their free time by doing something they are actually good at. While freelancing certainly is beneficial for both the parties involved, it is the involvement of multiple middle parties which is resulting in a huge gap between the client and the actual worker.

At CRADLE we aim towards removing that gap. Our clients get their services directly from the team of CRADLE. We do not outsource our projects to third parties. Moreover, all our SEO practices are according to guidelines set by Google (WhiteHat SEO) ensuring better result with lowest risk of penalty.

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The Internet is growing at an astounding pace and becoming a part of the daily life. Online contents are becoming ever more important with the increasing importance and influence of the Internet on the society. Content marketing is the new tool in the artillery and web contents need to be perfected to achieve desired results.

The increasing number of content writers by the day is definitely a promising scenario for the online content management industry, but it is also fact that getting a decent content writer still remains one of the major concerns. CRADLE offers the perfect solution to all your web content requirements. We provide service of the finest content writers within your budget. Our writers are highly experienced in developing

  • SEO Contents
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Press Releases
  • Product Reviews

    The social media has become the eyes and ears of the current generation. Today news travels faster through the social networking sites than it does through the media channels. The combination of Internet and Smartphone has brought the world literally within the confines of the palm. If your social media strategy has not yet developed, you are definitely losing out to your competitors.

    CRADLE provides you professional service to enhance your social media marketing strategy and maximize your reach. Facebook marketing and Twitter marketing are two most efficient, low cost and potent forms of social media marketing. Team CRADLE will provide professional guidance in perfecting and executing your social media strategy through various social networking platforms.


    CRADLE provides high quality literary as well as academic support services. Team CRADLE has writers experienced in creating high quality abridged versions of classics and original academic contents for educational purpose.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Having a website is not enough if it does not rank high in relevant search results of major search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) offers the perfect solution without having to spend a fortune on various paid online Ads. CRADLE offres most comprehensive SEO support and solutions to businesses - both big and small, and help them carve a niche for themselves. Give the boost of best SEO service to yoru business. Contact to know about the best package for your need.

    Logo Designing

    Are you looking for professional, best yet affordable logo design service? Are you still thinking about the perfect logo for your business? Do you have a logo design that you wish to be digitalised and finetuned by professionals? CRADLE if the best place to get your professional logo created and designed. Our team understands how important a logo is for the identity of any business. Get the perfect logo for your brand as well, and that too at competitive rates. Drop in your query today.


    Are you creative?
    Can you weave wonder with words?
    Are you an influencer?
    Are you looking for fun-filled, dynamic & challenging work environment?

    If your answers to these are YES, CRADLE is the perfect place for you.

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